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by: Ashley Marie Perez

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I am a content writer with a genuine passion to improve healthcare through my collaborations with science, research and writing to inspire, educate and captivate audiences. As a registered nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing and over 14 years of experience in the healthcare industry, my dedication lies within the realm of health, medicine, and patient care.


To help medical practices, holistic health centers, and other organizations to inform, engage, and connect with their audience through clear and concise content. As a nurse I have the ability to break down the complicated language of medicine into easy-to-understand content on in-depth topics that readers can fully digest. Merging my expertise with writing is an exciting way for me to continue to create and share important evidence-based health information with the community and beyond.


I create content from the perspective of someone who has spent more than a decade working in direct patient care. If you are looking for a writer with a healthcare background who is passionate about helping you communicate effectively with your clients, contact me for further details. 

What Can I bring to Your Business and Brand?

I am able to connect with your audience on a deeper level and create returning customers. A product can be life changing but will not sell unless a connection is made with consumers and trust is built.

I know products and services in healthcare. I am able to explain the benefits of your product so the reader is able to understand how it can really improve outcomes. 

I have cared for patients with devastating diseases and after receiving a life changing diagnosis. I have heard complaints about health insurance coverage and services not providing support that was promised. I know what people are looking for and what their needs are.

Consumers want to understand what makes you different from the competition and why your product is more beneficial. I am able to create charts and portray an image to alleviate any doubt securing a sale. 

Contact me and let me know what your goals are. I can structure your content and create copy so readers are pulled to your business.