Store Policy

Customer Care

To place an order go to contact and fill out the form. Give a detailed description of the type of writing being requested. Also include a deadline it is needed and a way to contact you. If an order is needed in 24 to 48 hours an additional $25 charge will be added to the purchase price. If a type of writing is requested that the writer is not capable of doing, the client will be made aware and there will be no charge. The writer can also be contacted at if there are any concerns or an order is needed immediately. The writer will accommodate strict deadlines. 

If something is needed for a project or a business that is not discussed on this site, contact the writer to discuss further. If a specific template is needed but is not listed in the template section, writer can accommodate. . Thank you so much for your business and please reach out if there are any questions. 

Privacy & Safety

All information provided is confidential. The only information that will be published are blog posts used for marketing as requested by the client. This website is protected by additional security and guarantees third party protection. All transactions will be done securely through PAYPAL. 


Payment Methods