Lets Talk About Health

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Independent Healthcare Writer | MSN Registered Nurse

Thank you so much for being part of my official launch! My name is Ashley and I am a nurse content writer/health researcher. I have been a nurse for over a decade and I love holistic medicine as well as traditional. I have a strong belief that most diseases can be prevented through proper diet and lifestyle changes, so I will be writing about this frequently. Being that I love research, I will be giving reviews on studies I have found. Comments are welcome! I will also be giving reviews in products and diet trends. I have a lot of opinions about some fad diets. Mostly positive, each one has their benefits. Medical history is another interest of mine. I just want to know how we know so much about the human body? Glad I was not around for that.... yikes! I am going to be diving into these each week. If anyone has any topics of interest just let me know! Welcome!

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